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Monday update

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This past Saturday, March 20, I participated in a special meeting of the Committee on the Built Environment focused on proposed amendments to the multi-family zoning code.  There was a good discussion on what the proposed changes would look like and what other areas the city council would like to explore, followed by an hour of public comment on the issue. Here are some themes that came up during the discussion and comments we will continue to explore:

  • where and how the city requires new parking to be built with new projects, if at all
  • appropriate height limits and when the city should allow to exemptions for additional height
  • how can the city address other amenities such as tree preservation and planting, affordability, and family friendly development

We discussed creating a new administrative design review process to allow for better, and perhaps more neighborhood specific, design.  This topic will be cover in more detail at future meetings. 

Last Friday, March 19, I joined Councilmembers Conlin and Clark to tape a segment of Council Edition with CR Douglas that will begin airing this week.  Some of the topics discussed were 520, the Seawall replacement, and how we manage cost over-runs for the tunnel.  I will post a link to the Seattle Channel when this is available on-line.

 This Tuesday evening (3/23) at 5:30 I will be discussing some different view points on the 520 bridge replacement with House Rep Deb Eddy (D-48) at the Del Rey in Belltown (2332, 1st Ave).  The event is sponsored by Publicola and will be moderated by Erica Barnett.  I would love to see everyone there.

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