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Water, water everywhere

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On Tuesday, I participated in a forum hosted by Publicola with Representative Deb Eddy, 48th LD to discuss the future of SR 520.  The audience included Rep. Judy Clibborn, 41st LD and chair of the house transportation committee, and fellow councilmember Tim Burgess.  I enjoyed discussing this project, and my concerns about the future of it, with representatives and attendees.  There is a lot of work to do on 520, but I came away from the event feeling more optimistic than I had previously been.  It was very encouraging to hear both Rep. Eddy and Rep. Clibborn make very genuine comments about their enthusiasm for the City of Seattle fully engaging in the discussion. It was also great to hear Rep. Eddy’s assurances that the 520 bridge will never be more than six lanes, and that the design will not preclude any form of high capacity transit  within those six lanes.   There are many specific details that the city is working on which will be released in a draft next week, and it will take a lot of work to reach consensus locally on what the best of these alternatives are and then work with the state to get them implemented, but we continue to be heading down a positive path.

Wednesday, I sent a letter to the governor signed by myself and 7 of my colleagues encouraging the state to extend a bottled water ban to all state operations, similar to the one instituted by the city in 2008 by Executive Order 02-08. I participated in a press conference organized by Corporate Accountability International to roll out the letter and promote the need to reprioritize investments in public water infrastructures versus privately-owned bottling water companies. I could spend the rest of this post opining on the problems about bottled water, but I think this witty, short, and effective video, The Story of Bottled Water, by Annie Leonard tells the story much better.


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Time April 7, 2010 at 6:48 pm


Howzitgoin? I watched the video you suggested on bottled water. Very informative. However you should check out Penn and Teller’s video on the same subject. It’s just more fun.

Hope all is going well.


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