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Community Ideas

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Purpose and Background:

The Council recognizes there is a wealth of projects and initiatives happening in our community today that are enabling our city to reach its climate protections goals. To highlight and support this existing good work, and to gather ideas from a broad set of residents, the Council is seeking recommendations from community members on what Seattle is and should be doing to continue on the path towards carbon neutrality.

The Task: In June, the Council asked the community to develop recommendations by sector for what the City of Seattle should be doing in the next 1-3 years to move the city towards carbon neutrality.

  1. What should individuals be doing?
  2. What should the non-profit and private sector be doing?
  3. What programs and policies should the city support or adopt in the next 1-3 years to be on the path towards carbon neutrality?

The Council is seeking recommendations for each of the following sectors (recognizing there is overlap). Sectors are encouraged to collaborate and to share information, ideas and recommendations:

a. Transportation e. Youth
b. Green Careers f. Neighborhoods
c. Land Use g. Food Systems
d. Energy h. Zero Waste

Who to Engage:
As broad and diverse set of organizations and residents as possible. We would like you to determine the best way to reach folks – online, in person, at your regular meetings. Be inclusive! Be creative!

Each sector was asked to nominate an individual be the lead point of contact for logistical coordination.

What we are asking groups to share:

  1. A 10-15 minute presentation of recommendations to the City Council on September 14th, from 6-8pm.
  2. A summary of recommendations for each sector, along with any supporting documents. The Land Use group has proposed a framework document to create a consistent set of recommendations.
  3. A list of everyone engaged (residents and organizations) to develop recommendations, including contact information for those who would like to stay involved with Seattle’s carbon neutral work.

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