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Know A Good Idea When You See It?

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by Gene Homicki

The Neighborhood workgroup needs to rapidly sort almost 150 ideas on how to improve Seattle neighborhoods while kick-starting us down the path toward carbon neutrality.  

Would you like to see more local mom & pop shops within walking distance?  How about better infrastructure for electric bicycles and other vehicles?  Perhaps you’d like to save money by ensuring our homes and schools use less energy and water, while also reducing waste?  Or maybe you have your own ideas on how to make Seattle happier, healthier, and more economically vibrant… while reducing energy use and emissions!  

Join hundreds of your neighbors in entering, selecting and discussing the best and brightest ideas for moving Seattle toward carbon neutrality by visiting:

Even if we don’t receive your ideas and input in time for inclusion in our presentation during the Carbon Neutral Community Forum at City Hall on September 14th, the Neighborhoods group plans to continue to actively refine and use this online resource for both future recommendations to the City and as ideas for community lead projects.


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