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Community Power Works Launch

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Today I attended the official launch of the Community Power Works program. I am thrilled to be a part of such an exciting project – Community Power Works will be working in Central and Southeast Seattle to provide discounted home energy assessments, rebates, affordable loans to make energy retrofits to homes, and energy experts to ensure that everything is done properly. Simply put, this program is good for people, good for the planet and good for our economy.

The launch today was held at the home of Dana Zimmerman and Allison Henrich in the Genesee neighborhood, shown here on the right.

I am fully supportive of this project because it accomplishes three great goals:

1) reduces our carbon footprint – the reality being that so much of the carbon we emit comes from existing homes that can be made much more efficient,

2) this project allows homeowners to have a better shot at retrofitting their homes, with the end result being a savings in energy bills and a house that is more competitive on the market, and

3) we will be creating demand to generate jobs and careers in a growing field with protections in place to ensure that these jobs pay family wages.

Speaking of green jobs, here I am, pictured below with John (far left) and Joshua (left of Mike), two gentlemen who came through South Seattle Community College‘s weatherization program and who now work for Sound Home Performance. The other face in the picture is Gil, a representative from the U.S. Department of Energy that made this grant possible.

Left to right: John, Gil, Joshua & Mike

I will continue to engage in this program as it proceeds and I intend to make sure that we leverage the $20 million grant that we received through the Department of Energy to its fullest potential. The program plans to reach 2000 homes and I want to make sure that the City Council works with them to achieve that goal.

For more information you can go to or call an Energy Expert at 206-449-1170.


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Comment from Jacob Prell
Time April 20, 2011 at 2:36 am

Councilmember O’Brien,
My name is Jacob Prell and I’m with EcoEnergyWA, a renewable power company. I wrote to you a couple of days ago concerning my hydro-electric turbine systems. These units could lower our carbon footprint immensely, as well as help to control flooding and stop solid waste pollution at the storm drain, rather than en mass in the rivers and tributaries. My filtration units would require regular emptying which would provide green energy jobs. Their intallation would promote local contracting opportunities and under emergency situations, my units could supply power to hospitals, police and fire department locations, as well as other vital locations, regardless of when the large grid has failed. Please contact me or have someone in your department do so. I’m fully capable of aiding Washington in it’s search for more efficient sustainable energy, however until I know what the government’s stance is as far as renewable resources, I’m unwilling to invest the funds needed to establish my business locally. No sense spending money to help those who would not take mutual steps to help themselves. Feel free to contact me at and we’ll work towards better utilizing this wonderful landscape to produce energy for generations to come.
Jacob M. Prell

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