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Changes to City elections laws discussed in committee tomorrow

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Tomorrow (Wednesday 9/19), the Government Performance and Finance Committee will discuss and vote on proposed changes to local elections law that I am championing. I wrote about the two ideas earlier this summer, but, to recap, I am proposing that we change Seattle’s elections  laws in two ways:

  • Restrict fundraising by all candidates in city races until January 1 of an election year.  This creates a nearly three year window when elected officials are not raising money while making policy.
  • Prohibit rolling over surplus funds between races.  At the end of an election cycle if a candidate has any funds left over, they must return it to donors or donate it to a cause of their choice.

What do you think about these ideas? Join us for testimony tomorrow to let us know, or email the Council at

Government Performance and Finance Committee
Wednesday September 19
9am (note: earlier start time)
Council Chambers, City Hall (600 4th Avenue)
Public Testimony: 2 minutes per person at 9am

Read more about the legislation at the Elections Reform page we created.

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